ALUMIL S.A. is the biggest aluminum extrusion group in the South-Eastern Europe and one of the largest accredited suppliers of aluminum systems for architectural use in Europe. Having more than 30-year experience, Alumil is one of the most innovative companies in design and manufacture of extrusion goods with modern manufacturing lines at all their factories.

Up to date Alumil takes the following position in the South-Eastern Europe:

No 1 on extrusion of aluminum profile systems;

No 1 is sales:

No 1 in export:

No 1 in development;

No 1 in investments;

No 1 in creation of new working places;

No 1 in the industrial sector.

ALUMIL produces a wide spectrum of systems represented by 48 various aluminum systems that are designed, upgraded and tested in the Group's Research & Development Department and then recognized by the world famous institutions certificates such as the IFT ROSENHEIM (Germany), AAMA (USA), INSTITUTO JORDANO (Italy), EKANAL (Greek Aluminum Development Centre - Greece), etc.

The structure of the holding manufacture is as follows:

13 extrusion lines

9 powder coating factories

2 production lines on wood imitation covering to profiles

3 foundries

2 profile anodic treatment factories

7 lines on assembling thermal insulated profiles

1 factory on manufacture of INTERNO internal doors, hard steel and fire proof doors

1 factory on manufacture of equipment for aluminum systems recycling

1 factory on manufacture of automation systems

1 factory on founding accessories for aluminum systems

1 factory on manufacture of J-Bond aluminum composite panels

1 factory on manufacture of polycarbonate sheets

Group’s production capacity is the following:

106.000 of tons of extruded profiles per year

57.500 of tons powder coating to profiles

80.000 of tons recycled aluminum

20.000 of tons anodic treated profile

45.000 of tons thermal insulated profile

800.000 m2 of J-Bond aluminum composite panels

800.000 m2 of polycarbonate sheets

10.000.000 m2 polyamide profiles

Industrial sector (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia)

630.000 m2 of industrial real estate

230.000 m2 of industrial facilities

20 industrial facilities (14 ones in Greece and 6 international ones)

2.300 hired employees

Alumil Milonas S.A. company has their wide commercial network in 45 countries worldwide and 25 subsidiaries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia and the United States of America.